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What People Say

So pleased we went on Rob’s Course.  We changed our minds on the plans we were taking because of what we learned – we saved costs and got top quality advice as well through Rob’s advocacy service.

Mr. & Mrs C, St Neots

I highly recommend attending this course with Connect member Rob Harris. Since attending this course, I have learnt a lot about how investments work, what the options are and also the questions to ask of a financial advisor to make sure that my money is invested in the right places.

As a direct result of what I learnt and given the change in market conditions, I was able to change funds for a little pension pot which meant I didn't lose money on it (which I would've done had I not transferred the funds) and gained 6% over just 4 months- which is not too bad in these times!

Paul Green, Connect Networking

I was entirely new to investing then did Rob’s Course and invested in funds mainly in the Technology sector.  I made a return of 14.88% just in the first 6 months.  The follow on Financial Friend service from Rob meant I learned more about current risks in the market and I put some money in funds held in Gilts and safer investments which I see have risen as the FTSE 100 Index has been falling.

W.M.  Herts

I attended Rob’s Money Day Experience event and was impressed with some of the fund managers who spoke there.  I\asked my IFA to move my money to the funds I heard about at the event. The IFA then gave me totally incorrect misleading information.  Rob recommended another well-qualified adviser and went with me to the meetings to add his experience to the discussions.  My pension funds have done well against the uncertainty out there.

Mrs. W.  Northants

I am not too serious about money and enjoy life as much as I can but I did Rob’s Course and decided to invest in gold for fun and interest really.  I decided on a strategy of taking profits whenever the gold price rose – I took out three lump sums of profit over just 18 months and  - spent the money of course – I did a little video of what happened, which Rob can show you if you like!

Laura.  London

Well I’m really surprised –  Rob's trial session with me explained so much and I understood it. It wasn’t over my head! Yes, I want to do the rest of the Course, please! Rob Harris, if only I’d known all this years ago!

Mrs. B W Hertfordshire

During the second session with Rob, I told him I was surprised at how well he explained things using words to illustrate the points and using stories that help me to remember. Looking forward to getting invested for the first time!

T. D.  Beds

I took up Rob's Money Awareness Course some 4 years ago which helped to anchor the knowlegdge I already had.  Not wishing to spend the time to be a  DIY investor I opted for Rob's advocacy service whereby he introduced me to a recommended IFA who has the added market awareness of being a qualified Stockbroker to place my pension and ISA funds.  Rob's input working alongside the IFA has resulted in my funds nearly doubling in value.  This seems a good result against the great uncertainy of economic and political circumstances.  Currently my funds are held in Gilts and Bond funds which are performing well while markets remain uncertain.

Marco Williams

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