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Security. Independence. The freedom to make choices in life. Health and well being. The ability to support loved ones. Education. Exploring life and so much more.

You love the things money can bring you?

Yet no one has ever sat down with you and shown you how money can really be made to grow and work for you? Who can you really trust with your money - except yourself?

Getting the best from all your savings and investments starts with gaining the knowledge to take more control - for this you need the knowledge and the years of experience, intuition and know how you can gain from Financial Friend Rob Harris - find out more about Rob and the Money Awareness Course - click the link for a free taster of what is to come.

No one cares more about your money than you do. We do not sell you anything or give you advice - we provide education, information, simple explanations and all the support you need for you to take control and move ahead at your pace when your ready to do so.

“Well I’m really surprised –  Rob's trial session with me explained so much and I understood it. It wasn’t over my head! Yes I want to do the rest of the Course please! Rob Harris,  if only I’d known all this years ago!”

Mrs. B W Hertfordshire

Watch the taster session now Or find out more
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I'm Rob Harris. I'm a financial educator & financial commentator. I want to empower you with the skills and information so you maximise the benefits of your investments, ISA's, pensions and savings. You'll know how to make even better decisions for the financial future of yourself and your family.

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Hi I'm Rob!

"I would definitely recommend Rob. He was easy to understand and really opened our eyes to things we needed to know. Our new knowledge changed the direction we were thinking of taking and saved unnecessary costs. Rob! Everyone should do your course with you!"

Mr and Mrs C Cambridgeshire

Rob in action

Our Money Awareness Course

Rob shows you how experienced investors reduce risk and ensure over time their money grows. Students of this course over a recent two year period have seen some of their investments grow by up to 28% with some funds at the lower end still providing returns over 6%.

Whether you've lots of money or very little the Money Awareness Course will make a positive difference to your financial future, security and well being. The course will help you if you have money invested in Isas, general savings or pension funds. The course will also help you begin to accumulate money through regular savings even if you have little to play with at the moment.

You'll learn whilst investment values can fall as well as rise, there are ways you can reduce the risk through knowledge and understanding and taking control of the kinds of investments you choose to use.

The course provides three initial sessions and ongoing support for a full year. Best of all, we're so confident that you'll want to complete the whole course, you can take the first session of the course with a money back guarantee if for any reason you find it's not for you. Click the link for the taster preview now.

Watch the taster session now Or find out more
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