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If you hold shares in Thomas Cook then you won’t be happy with the crash landing.

Sep 25, 2019

You might agree with me that holding individual shares is too much of a high-risk in these uncertain times? Far better, in my view, to invest your money in Unit Trust Funds and things called OEICS which are Open-Ended Investment Companies.


Put simply these are investment funds where you trust a Fund manager to go out and buy investments and shares on your behalf to make your money grow and provide an income for you. The point is lots of individual people are investing this way through the hands of your Fund Manager so he has loads of money to invest. This means that through one investment your money is spread over 50, 80 or even 100 shares in the one investment fund so if some of your shares crash land then hopefully the others will take off.

By diversifying the investments across many shares you stand a good chance of making more of your money rather than leaving it in the bank or building society.  You need to be willing to accept that your funds will go down in value sometimes on their way to making you a profit over time.

All of this, of course, is why I offer my Money Awareness Course. This, after  50 years of giving advice on the fascinating world of investments. Many of my students have already placed their pension and other investment funds into Unit Trusts in what is called the Fixed Interest Market. These funds are regarded as lower risk than shares, and because demand is currently high the price has now risen. Over the last 12 months, investors have seen returns on average of 11.38%.

Education is a powerful thing?

To hear me talking more about these things go to www.yourfinancialfriend .co.uk and the free taster videos there.

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