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Active 100 Club

What is the Active 100 Club?

Active 100 Club provides you with the tools, knowledge and support that you need to take control of your money. Join our active 100 club members who are investing just £100 per month to build up their savings. Learn with us how to make your money work for you.

Alongside our growing Active 100 community, you will be encouraged to invest £100 a month or more into profitable investments. Be supported in setting up your own personal account through a regulated investment platform.

Your financial friend, with years of knowledge and real-time experience as a wealth manager, is Rob Harris. He will be your financial educator and help you make your own informed financial decisions.

Step by step with you all the way, your financial friend explains good ideas for your money. Prudent and profitable information to change your financial future.

We want to make sure that this is right for you. Call today to book your free 15-minute consultation!


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Why you can trust us ...

We are here to help you grow your financial knowledge and savings. You remain completely in control of your money and where it is invested. This means that, with our guidance, you can make financial decisions that are right for you. We will support you step by step in setting up your own personal account with a regulated investment platform to which only you will have access.


How safe is my money?

We make clear that investments can go down as well as up. We guide you through opportunities and risks in the stock market. As much as there is a risk, there are opportunities to really make your money grow. Ask our existing students how well they have done?


Are my savings tied down?

No, you can cash out whenever you want. However, it is important to be aware that the amount you get back depends on the value of your investment holdings at the time. Investments can fall as well as rise.


Do I have to invest £100 monthly?

No, we recommend a monthly investment of £100 to our members. However, you are welcome to invest more or less depending on your financial position.


Will I pay tax on my savings?

In the vast majority of cases, you will not pay tax on your savings and dividends.


Active 100 club member benefits:

  • Step by step guidance towards setting up your own investment's.
  • Financial education that will change the future of your money.
  • Support from the Active 100 community.
  • Information and updates to keep your money on track.
  • The opportunity to grow your savings.
  • Money Awareness Course Essentials
  • Regular live financial guidance sessions with Rob.



Information and set up session with Rob - £95

Ongoing support to keep your money on track for success - £9.95/month

Let us make sure this is right for you...

The first thing we want to do is to make sure this is right for you. For that reason, we offer you a free 15-minute session with Rob where you can ask any questions. Gain full insight into the benefits of the club and the power investing. Even if Active 100 Club isn't for you, we will make sure that you gain valuable knowledge for your financial future. Contact us today. Book your introductory session now!

Contact Us :

Tel: 07540 582910

email: wrightharrisfinancialfriend@gmail.com 

or use the form below and we will contact you.

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